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Eye and Buy

Inventive Approach to Effortless Selling

When you sign up with the Eye and Buy method of selling online, you not only save yourself from the complexities involved but also maximize your efficiency and productivity, all of which are instrumental in adding to your company's bottom-line.

Using our 'single-interface multi-purpose' system, you can now have a complete control on the way you transact online. Whether it is inventory management or order procurement, the power to seamlessly integrate various channels on which you sell will only prove beneficial for your business.

How We Help

Our single interface can perform multiple functions

When you sell on multiple e-commerce websites like Amazon or e-Bay, you eventually end up hopping from one site to another to manage your orders. This not only consumes your time but also leads to errors while processing the orders, leaving a bad impression on your customers. Imagine if you could access all your orders across multiple websites on just one screen. The Eye and Buy interface allows you to do just that. With a few clicks, you can now sell on SnapDeal, Flipkart, Facebook, Tradus and many more online / offline stores. Moreover, our interface also lets you perform various other tasks such as -

Inventory Management

Holding the inventory is cost intensive. The longer it takes to clear it, the higher is the cost and risk. Planning plays a key role in cutting down these overheads and we help you do

Order Management

For your online orders you can configure the manifests and packaging in the system itself, while for your online and offline sales, our system can generate proforma invoices,

Pricing Control

Our system is smartly built to help you configure the prices of every product you sell. So, you save yourself from tedious calculations as the system triggers an objection whenever the selling price goes below the automatically calculated Cost Price.

Payment Reconciliation

Selling on multiple e-stores can become tedious and time consuming when each store has its own payment cycle, commissions rates, transfer prices, returns, cancellations,

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and Analytics have been simplified for you in our system. You can now generate daily/weekly/monthly reports with customized details by using simple drag and


It you wish to generate data feeds for different online stores by cataloging your products, we can more than assist you with it. Our special expertise in Cataloging with appealing images and engaging content can help you achieve the best results.

Where To Sell

Discover a smarter way to sell online

List your products on India's leading e-commerce websites

Avoid the hassle of approaching and negotiating with different website companies individually, to display and sell your products - use a single interface to list your products on all popular online stores.

Auto-retrieve orders from multiple online stores

Our simple yet efficient interface allows you to automatically fetch your orders from all online stores on which you sell and then collate them on a unified dashboard.

Print shipping labels and invoices within seconds

With all your orders in one place, printing shipping labels, invoices and other documentation is just one click away. This will save you an immense amount of time.

Generate reports on the fly

Analyze your sales from various marketplaces and channels effortlessly. Also, evaluate all the key metrics represented visually to compare performance across channels, products and geographies on a day-to-day basis.

Your Store

Capture the pulse of your Target Audience. Maximize Volumes.

Get your own e-commerce site on the cloud

Apart from selling on multiple online stores, if you feel the need for your own website, you need not look any further.

As a company, we have the experience of building scores of e-commerce websites for our clients in India, Hong Kong, Middle East, Europe and the US. Also, having partnerships and tie-ups with both domestic and international payment gateways and logistics companies, we have the resources and the technology to deliver a SEO friendly website catering to all your specific needs. The best part - we can do all of this within just two weeks.

Keep your customers informed with timely messages

Our Exotel (SMS-API) integration lets you send SMS to inform your customers about their orders, shipment and delivery. You can also send promotional SMSs to your customers in compliance with TRAI regulations.

Increase customer loyalty for your brand

You can now configure reward points for your offline customers and for the website and sync them together. This will help you easily keep track of your most loyal customers and reward them, thus encouraging more buying.

Go Global with a Facebook Shop

When the fans of your brand discuss your products on your Facebook fan page, you must ensure they have easy access to the products there too. It's crucial that you convert a customer's interest into a sale as efficiently as possible and we help you do just that - by setting up a Facebook storefront for you.

This will not only help you increase the conversion rate but also help you reach out to you target group on a global scale like never before.

Ok, so how do we do it? We achieve this by

  • - Creating effective navigation that allows you to quickly find the products your customers are looking for.
  • - Simplifying the checkout process to make it simple and easy for yourcustomers
  • - Allow customers to pay with the currency of their choice
  • - Facilitating sale on your own Facebook page and also on your Affiliate's page who is willing to sell your products.
  • - Our special 'One-Click' App allows and encourages all those who want to sell your products, thus making them faithful promoter of your products in lieu of basic commissions.

Point of Sale

Seamlessly integrate your inventory on the cloud with a Point-of-Sale on your tablet

  • Online or Offline, you no more need to maintain a separate inventory
  • If you still haven't got a hang of managing your inventory for online orders, then our unique POS feature is what you need. Our indigenously built cloud-based Point-of-Sale solution can be configured on as many machines as you need with as many access levels as you require. This will seamlessly synchronize your 'online' and 'offline' inventory and make billing simple and fast.
    Now when you also have the arrival-information of your offline stocks, you can even analyze the positioning of your products by doing aging analysis.

  • Want to use your Tablet on the counter?
    Just download our Android App
  • The innovative Android App developed by us for Point-of-Sale, e-commerce and Vendor Management has been designed keeping your comfort in view.
    You can now use your tablet instead of a laptop or PC at the POS. Once you download it, you can log into your account panel and also manage your orders and inventory using this App.

    Soon we'll be launching IOS Application.

Logistics and Fulfilment

Make your customer feel like a King

After Sale Service like never before

When products are returned or lost in transit, your inventory tracking can go hay-wire.

Managing Refunds, RTOs (return-to-origin) and Exchanges can be cumbersome and if not handled well can even affect customer satisfaction levels for the brand. Our system can change all this for you.

You can now have seamless control on your returns (RTOs), refunds, exchanges, etc.,and manage them all from the same panel.

Following a specific invoicing and taxation method? Our system has it

Be it Dropship or JIT (Just-in-Time), our system is fully capable of handling various types of invoicing and taxations based on the method you follow.

If the Dropship method is the one you follow, you can directly bill your customer. You can download the invoice / order pricelist from the system to generate the bill on your customer. Based on you customer's locationVAT/CST and Octroi may be applicable.

If it is the JIT method you follow, all you do is just raise a bill on us and we will bill your customer.

Manage Branding and Invoicing

Delight your Customers with Speed and Quality

Using our Shared Warehousing Management facility, you can stock your products at the deliverer's warehouse itself, allowing us to completely take care of your order fulfillments. This improves your delivery mechanism and provides a quick turnaround time, thereby increasing the quantum of your orders and more importantly customer satisfaction levels for your brand.

Are different Packaging Guidelines leaving you confused ?

Our Integrated Auto-Packaging Platform is a feature designed to assist you with various packaging guidelines across multiple channels.

Now you no longer have to worry about different branding guidelines, dissimilar invoice formats & manifests. We have everything integrated in our system which will automatically generate these without you logging in to each platform individually using different usernames and passwords. Needless to say that it will save you time and all this confusion.


Our work speaks for itself


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